We specialize in design, installation, and support of SmartHome complete home automation systems.

Experienced Home Technologists

DoItForMe.Solutions is the consumer focused division of RS Development Group, LLC which provides in-depth technical assessment and market research for Silicon Valley startups and mid-market companies. For more details, see our parent company's website at www.rsdevelopmentgroup.com

Fixed Cost Projects

All DoItForMe.Solutions projects are undertaken with a fixed cost for professional services including design, installation, and project management.

Full Technical Details

We don't believe in holding our customers hostage. We provide full technical information on the the configurations used, the customizations applied, and the decisions made.

Our customers have this information for their own DIY use or as reference for any future upgrades or enhancements.

Equipment and Supplies

We charge for our professional services. We do not rely on product markups, commissions, dealer rebates, or hidden fees for our profit.

Our customers are free to purchase their own equipment, but most rely on our expertise to obtain the most cost effective products and discounts currently available in the open market on their behalf.

For your own purchasing, we recommend Amazon.com, Monoprice.com and a few other select online sellers. Contact us for current recommendations or more information.

Extensive Product Research & Testing Lab

With our parent company RS Development Group's roots in technical consulting to San Francisco Bay Area startups and high growth technology companies, we have deep expertise in product analysis and testing.

Products for the SmartHome residential market are evolving at a rapid pace, not always for the best. Some interesting products have failed miserably and others have not lived up to their potential.

The "Tower of Babel" of competing software and hardware protocols and interfaces is daunting to decipher and unique to our industry: The nuances of Apple HomeKit versus Google Thread; Zigbee, Z-Wave, BLE (Bluetooth low energy) or vendor-specific wireless radio (RF) protocols; Wi-Fi 802.11ac versus 802.11/b/g/n; iOS versus Android mobile operating systems; and of course, Windows versus macOS (formerly OS X).

These are just a few of the confusing acronyms and competing protocols and standards that we deal with every day in our product evaluation and integration testing lab so you don't have to.


Robert E. Spivack, SmartHome Analyst

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