What Makes a Smart Door?


Many people tend to take doors and locks for granted but these systems are our number one source of security. The mechanism has pretty much remained the same for the last few millennia but doors are becoming smarter, thanks to technology.

Automatic locks

Newer car models are already made with a keyless and push start mechanism and home security is witnessing a similar upgrade. The best smart locks listed by Tech Radar have foregone the use of keys and replaced it with keypads and fingerprint access. The Nest x Yale collaboration requires homeowners to type in a code or to touch the logo and follow a few easy steps. You can even schedule your door to be locked in the event that you forgot to secure it at night.

On the other hand, the August Smart Lock Pro automatically unlocks the door when you’re a few feet away from it. You can use the accompanying app to check whether it has been activated and monitor the people coming in and out of your home.

Video doorbells

An automatic lock isn’t the only innovation that makes a smart door, as doorbells and surveillance cameras make it more high-tech, too. Last year, Amazon acquired the start-up company Ring which specializes in video doorbells with a wide-angle view of your front door and its surroundings. With your smart device, you can track whoever’s at your door and even talk to them with the two-way microphone feature.

Similar notable products on the market include SkyBell and the RemoBell Wireless Video Doorbell. And if you want CCTV cameras to beef up security, Presence by Netatmo can tell the difference between people, animals, and cars and alert you if any one of those is lurking on your property.

Upgrading your door

The great thing about these products is that they’re easy to install and even easier to operate. Choosing which tech to go with it depends on the type of property you own or reside in. An innovation like Presence is a great addition to home security systems but may not be appropriate for apartment-dwellers. The caveat is that you have to conform with the building’s rules, and co-op buildings are typically stricter with making cosmetic changes than condos. Yoreevo notes that co-op owners have to make their case and present their plans to the board which sets their own standards in terms of building management and occupancy. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be granted permission for changing even something as small as a door lock. But once you’ve gotten the green light, you can easily get in touch with one of DoItForMe.Solutions' partners that can install your smart door product with expert precision.

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