Timeless Trends in Bathroom Lighting

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(Guest post by Daisy Ridley)

If you are looking for new lights in your bathroom this will certainly give you some excellent ideas.


TIMELESS TRENDS IN BATHROOM LIGHTING– For most people their day begins in the bathroom and ends there too before retiring to bed. During the day there are also several trips to the bathroom either at home or when we’re out and about. Given we spend so much time frequenting bathrooms it stands to reason that we would take the time, energy and money to create a bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing and highly practical. For both a visually appealing bathroom and a highly functional one the lighting is a priority.



Bathroom Lights

There are a few timeless trends in bathroom lighting that will work well in virtually any bathroom, so why not invest in quality lighting and enjoy the ambience and practical nature they bring to the room every day. Planning out your lighting needs is a good idea as it allows you time to consider the types of lighting you require for the various activities you perform in the bathroom.


Under-counter lighting is perfect for relaxing evenings soaking in the bath or to create a lovely ambience for guests who are visiting for an evening meal. However, when applying makeup or shaving, bright lighting that is focused will be best. Be sure to think about all the ways you use the room to ascertain the different types of lighting you need.


For focused lighting in areas such as the vanity and mirror choose wall mounted fixtures positioned above and beside the mirror. The look is classic and will provide the amount of light you need for the fiddlier jobs performed in the room. Wall sconces are certainly worth that little bit of extra effort it takes to have them fitted as they are a truly classic lighting fixture that will be appreciated by all who view them, particularly candle sconces which are highly captivating.


For the longest time recessed lighting has been popular and this type of lighting is ideal for when you’re taking a bath and want to fully relax and cherish each moment. You can create this luxurious spa-like atmosphere with the help of dimmer switches. These will transform your lighting fixtures into sources of light that can be adjusted to fill the room with the perfect amount of light for your desired effect. It’s important to be aware that recessed lighting on its own will not offer good lighting conditions – a combination of lighting is required to avoid annoying shadows and unattractive lighting results.


Classic Victorian style fixtures add timeless elegance to the room and are surprisingly affordable. Select decorative lights that are mounted on the ceiling as a way of adding your personal style to the room, along with another form of lighting that will compliment your recessed lights and under-counter lighting.


The key to bathroom lighting success is to include a variety of lighting styles in the room and to then choose which ones to turn on and in what combinations to suit the specific circumstances at the time. Visit your local bathroom and lighting supplies stores as well as online stores to peruse the wide range of options available and to seek out the best price to suit your budget.