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Now you don't have to decide between emptying you bank account to hire a custom integrator or rolling up your sleeves and trying to do-it-yourself (DIY).

DoItForMe.Solutions provides the best of both worlds!  Choose your favorite name brand home automation products, contact us and ask to do-it-or-me (DIFM).

We'll provide you with as much help as you like.  We don't sell equipment so there's no mark-up or hidden fees; we charge only for our time and expertise.  Purchase all the products yourself or let us do the shopping on your behalf.

Confused by all the products and options?  We'll be glad to help you sort out the differences and choose what is best for the project and your budget - not what puts the most commission in our pockets.

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Clear the Air - Wi-Fi home network analysis & upgrades put every device into the fast lane

See the Light - Interactive and automated lighting controls so you'll never be left in the dark again

Talk to Me - Use the power of your voice to make controlling your smart home easy peasy.

Get Comfy - Heating, Air Conditioning, and Indoor Air Quality monitoring to put you at ease

Pump Up The Volume - Fill the room or your entire house with the sounds of perfectly synchronized music

Who Let The Dogs Out? - Video Doorbell, Motion Activated Cameras, Smart Locks, and Door & Window Sensors increase security and peace of mind

Push My Buttons - Control your TV, Blu-Ray, AV Receiver, and entertainment system from the palm of your hand

Shields up! - Network lockdown, computer security, and pro-active monitoring to keep the bad guys out

Belt and Suspenders - Our support services provide as little or as much help as you want - before, during, and after any critical incident


Our "Clear the Air" service provides a complete overhaul for your Wi-Fi network

The heart of every Smart Home is the wired and wireless local area network.  First generation Wi-Fi systems are notoriously slow, have limited range, and result in dead spots within your home where you have little or no Wi-Fi signal.

Having a strong, reliable Wi-Fi network is not a luxury - it is a key requirement for any home automation project.  Everything from watching your favorite TV shows, streaming the latest YouTube cat video, or bing watching the latest new series on Netflix or Amazon demands a world-class Wi-Fi system in your home.

We use state of the art augmented reality (AR) software to create a complete computerized floor plan of your home.

Using professional Wi-Fi signal analysis tools and a portable laptop, we measure the actual signal strength and coverage of your Wi-Fi system from multiple locations in every room.

With instantly generated visual diagrams including signal-to-noise ratio and signal coverage heat-maps, we can see the actual coverage and speed limitations of your current Wi-Fi system.

Numbers don't lie!  Based on these results, we'll recommend the right combination of equipment upgrades and adjustments to insure a fast, reliable Wi-Fi network throughout your house.  Mesh Wi-Fi, multiple access points, high performance routers - we'll recommend only what's needed and only based on actual measurements and analysis.

This will not fix your Wi-Fi problems!

For assistance with your Smart Home projects contact us to get started today!